iFlytek has AI/Big Data voice recognition applications in the pipeline that within three years, will be able to catch phone fraudsters and scammers. China Tech News Flash! #72

Here is another example of China using what many people around the world fear, high tech innovation to improve and […]

Alibaba used its massive high tech big data and AI tools to create “Reunion”, a missing persons system with a 98% find rate! China Tech News Flash! #35

Since starting its national missing persons “Reunion” program in 2016, Alibaba and many participating companies, government bureaus and millions of […]

Guangzhou (Canton) rolls out “smart customs” clearance with augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robots and of course 5G, to create fast customs clearance systems. China Tech News Flash! #20

If your business could cut wait times by several hours a day and increase throughput by 60%, would you do […]

China to ban single-use plastics with a sweeping national program 2020-2025. Tech will make it succeed this time. China Tech News Flash! #12

China’s plastic waste is completely off the charts, outstripping #2 USA by a factor of almost two to one. Having […]