About a year and half ago, I created China Tech News Flash! (www.chinatechnewsflash.com). Over that time, I produced 100 short green screen videos, with background, analysis and geopolitical perspectives. You are welcome to watch them all.

My goal was to do one to two a week, but I’m going to have to cry, “Sino-Uncle”! Baba Beijing and the Chinese Nation are so high-tech prolific, that it would be a fulltime job to report it all.

In the interim, due to the fact that my younger daughter started working for Huawei in Europe, I took a keen interest in this amazing company, doing tons of research, only to realize that it is the perfect allegory for China versus the West, not just technologically, but geopolitically too. As a result of that, it also has a bilingual online library,

Huawei Online Resource Collection. By: China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash! / 华为在线资源收集。 崛起中的中国的常客和中国科技新闻快讯!写的

Even just reporting on Huawei in an effective manner would be almost a fulltime job. I’m just overwhelmed and can’t keep up.

Thus, to fill the breach, I have created an online hyperlink library that I will continue to faithfully update regularly. The first section is dedicated to Huawei and the latter is all China-Tech. The newest posts are up top with earlier posts descending. The library’s link in below.


For those who are supporting China Tech News Flash! via Patreon, FundRazr and PayPal, thank you for sticking with me all these months and I hope that you will continue to do so, as I scour the internet to keep this unique hyperlink library fresh and updated.

Sino-Best, Jeff

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