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China continues to make its global corporate internet and tech presence known versus the US, plus some personal anecdotes and news. China Tech News Flash! #91

Source video: Source article: Previous China Tech News Flash!  reports on Huawei:1. Huawei doesn’t need Google Maps. They […]

Chinese suicide drone swarms linking private companies and civilian war preparation. China Tech News Flash! #90

Few foreigners realize how integrated China’s private sector and civilian population are integrated together: coast guard, fishing fleet and coastal […]

The real story behind USA’s attacks on TikTok, WeChat, Huawei and ZTE. It is an old one – really old. China Tech News Flash! #89

Pictured above: that’s TikTok and WeChat on a Huawei phone, full of ZTE components, all of whom are struggling against […]

Beijing is again the world’s #1 technology city and China-Tech is just getting warmed up, plus some geopolitical commentary. China Tech News Flash! #88

Let’s face the facts: be it economically, geopolitically, militarily, or technologically, global capitalism simply cannot compete on a level playing […]

China is using digital purchasing coupons to drive its economy out of the Covid doldrums. China Tech News Flash! #87

Trump stimulus checks or Chinese vendor digital purchasing coupons? Both are probably the right choice for each country. Sixteen years […]