iFlytek has AI/Big Data voice recognition applications in the pipeline that within three years, will be able to catch phone fraudsters and scammers. China Tech News Flash! #72

Here is another example of China using what many people around the world fear, high tech innovation to improve and […]

Big Data is perfect for China to integrate its massive transportation networks by 2025. With 5G, AI and the most supercomputers in the world, it will happen. China Tech News Flash! #38

Baba Beijing loves the word “comprehensive”. Big Data changing the way the Chinese do business in the 21st century is […]

A Big Data system in one of China’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites is making your visit safer and preserving its environment. China Tech News Flash! #37

China is using Big Data in all kinds of ways, to save the environment, increase efficiencies, lower pollution and costs. […]

Alibaba used its massive high tech big data and AI tools to create “Reunion”, a missing persons system with a 98% find rate! China Tech News Flash! #35

Since starting its national missing persons “Reunion” program in 2016, Alibaba and many participating companies, government bureaus and millions of […]

High-tech Internet of Things (IoT)+Big Data+Intelligent Manufacturing robots are making 5,000 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prescriptions PER DAY to help Covid-19 sick get well! China Tech News Flash! #29

Robots are in Chinese hospitals treating Covid-19 patients. Now, high-tech Internet of Things (IoT)+Big Data+Intelligent Manufacturing robots are making 5,000 […]