Move over Elon Musk. Private Chinese aerospace companies are joining the crowded global satellite constellation competition. China Tech News Flash! #30

Just in the last few years, wealthy Chinese investors with a passion for space exploration have jumped into the international […]

High-tech Internet of Things (IoT)+Big Data+Intelligent Manufacturing robots are making 5,000 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prescriptions PER DAY to help Covid-19 sick get well! China Tech News Flash! #29

Robots are in Chinese hospitals treating Covid-19 patients. Now, high-tech Internet of Things (IoT)+Big Data+Intelligent Manufacturing robots are making 5,000 […]

New Chinese high-tech chip analyzer detects six viruses in 90 minutes – including Covid-19 – AMAZING! China Tech News Flash! #28

Superfast Chinese chip analyzer will really accelerate controlling and stamping out Covid-19! Sixteen years on the streets, living and […]

China launched high-tech Jilin-1 Gaofen 02B optical remote sensing satellite, using the old NASA public-private model. China Tech News Flash! #27

Twenty years ago, all Chinese aerospace programs were state-funded and operated. But that is changing, with many public-private initiatives going […]

Why is China flying head on into the glutted global turboprop airplane market? There’s a hidden reason. China Tech News Flash! #26

Behind many of China’s technology plays and plans, Xi Jinping’s visionary “Made in China 2025” goals are often hidden behind […]

Huawei who? Unstoppable Alibaba has blown Oracle and IBM off the database management mountain. Please don’t tell Donald Trump! China Tech News Flash! #25

Alibaba is the “A” in “BAT”, the Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent juggernaut skyrocketing into the 21st century and across the global high-tech stage. […]

Bans, sanctions, fines and extortion cannot beat bigger, better, faster and cheaper – the Huawei story is a fable of unintended consequences. China Tech News Flash! #24

All the US sanctions, blockades and extortion cannot stop the world’s best 5G telecommunication company. The reality is that the […]

How can China build 35,000km of highspeed rail in 10 years and the US 0km? Here is why. China Tech News Flash! #23

China’s mind-boggling highspeed train network will go down in the history books as one of the greatest infrastructure projects ever […]

5G will determine which countries succeed and fail in the 21st century. Here is an update about China and the world. China Tech News Flash! #21

The importance of 5G for the success of any country in the 21st century, in every phase of society, economy, […]