China is creating an integrated satellite information, data and imaging platform, so everybody can benefit. China Tech News Flash! #40

The West calls it “integrated”. Baba Beijing loves the word “comprehensive”. When it comes to China’s 21st century high-tech explosion, […]

Kuaizhou-1A rocket is China’s 24-7 workhorse for rapid space launches. The proof? Two launches six hours apart. China Tech News Flash! #31

Only 20 meters long and weighing 30 tons, the Kuaizhou-1A is a low cost, solid fuel rocket that can hoist […]

Move over Elon Musk. Private Chinese aerospace companies are joining the crowded global satellite constellation competition. China Tech News Flash! #30

Just in the last few years, wealthy Chinese investors with a passion for space exploration have jumped into the international […]

China launched high-tech Jilin-1 Gaofen 02B optical remote sensing satellite, using the old NASA public-private model. China Tech News Flash! #27

Twenty years ago, all Chinese aerospace programs were state-funded and operated. But that is changing, with many public-private initiatives going […]

China launches first electromagnetic satellite built with 100% local intellectual property rights. China Tech News Flash! #14

Since 1949, China has had a policy of self-sufficiency in all sectors, since it has been banned, sanctioned and blockaded […]