China is building state-of-the-art jet engines that are so high-tech, Germany is in discussions to import them. China Tech News Flash! #65

Jet engines have always been China’s weak link in aviation and air force weaponry. Not any longer. They have made […]

Huawei goes solo with no Google, Android or Intel in its flagship 2020 phone, the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+. China Tech News Flash! #64

There is nothing from the United States that goes into making Huawei’s brand new, super-tech 5G phone, the P40 series. […]

California’s 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports. Baidu coming on strong, but Google’s Waymo and GM’s Cruise are better overall. Includes downloadable statistics table. China Tech News Flash! #63

Baidu looks strong, but in California tests only has a fraction as many miles as Google’s Waymo and GM’s Cruise. […]

A cautionary tale: poor, isolated Guizhou Province with have one-third as many 5G base stations as the entire USA this year. China Tech News Flash #60!

Guizhou is one of China’s poorest and most isolated provinces. I know, I traveled there while writing the first book […]

Guangzhou and Shenzhen have a new interurban commuter train, along with their highspeed train. Civilization can never have enough infrastructure. China Tech News Flash! #59

China has proven for 5,000 years that you can never have too much infrastructure. It modernizes society and adds long […]